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Donald Trump Ad: Hillary Clinton Laughs While Benghazi Burns
This quick Instagram video posted by the Trump campaign features Hillary Clinton laughing superimposed over images of the Whitewater scandal and the 2012 attack on Benghazi.
Putin Reacts To Downed Jet: "Stabbed In The Back By The Accomplices Of Terrorism"
This goes beyond the framework of the regular fight against terrorism. Certainly, our young military men are fighting terrorism, sacrificing their own lives, but today's loss... The stab in our back by the associates of terrorism. In any case, our pilot and our plane never threatened the Republic...
The Reporter Who Asked Trump About a "Muslim Database" Speaks Out
Yahoo news reporter 'Hunter Walker' says that Trump's claim that his statements were taken out of context doesn't hold water. "All we did was press him for specifics."
Lindsey Graham: "Turkey Punched Russia in the Nose, Good For Turkey"
Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham celebrates the shootdown of the Russian jet fighter on the Turkish/Syrian border this morning. "Good for Turkey," he says, for "punching Russia in the nose."
Kerry With Netanyahu: "We All Have An Interest In Working Together"
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with US Secretary of State John Kerry at the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem and issued the following statements before their meeting.
O'Reilly Challenges Trump's Claims, Trump Responds: "What? Am I Gonna Check Every Statistic?"
Bill O'Reilly challenges some of Donald Trumps recent claims. Trump responds... TRUMP: I didnt tweet. I retweeted someone who was supposedly an expert. Hey, Bill, what am I gonna check every statistic? I get millions and millions of people, @RealDonaldTrump, by the way. O’REILLY: You gotta,...
Pro-Kasich Super PAC Runs Ad With "Trump's Greatest Hits" -- "Somebody's Doing The Raping"
"New Day For America," a super PAC supporting John Kasich for president, debuted this ad featuring some of Donald Trump's most memorable quotes.
Bill O'Reilly: Don't Fear Refugees, "The Bad Guys Are Already Here"
BILL O'REILLY: Because of politics, you are not being told the true story about the Syrian refugee situation. The Democratic Party wants the world to believe that Republicans are mean-spirited and anti-immigrant. The Republican Party wants the world to believe that Democrats are soft on...
"Special Report" Panel: ISIS Intel Manipulation in Obama Admin?
Stephen Hayes, Juan Williams, Robert Costa.
New Video: NATO Member Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet On Syrian Border
In what could be a major escalation in tensions, NATO member nation Turkey has shot a Russian Su-24 fighter jet out of the sky over the border between Turkey and Syria. Accoridng to Russian media, the pilot ejected. Extraordinary session of @NATO's North Atlantic Council will be held today...
Graphic: Armed Syrian Rebels Celebrate Over Body Of Allegedly Dead Russian Pilot
This morning for the first time in history, a member state of NATO shot down a Russian aircraft. At a point somewhere near the Syrian-Turkish border, Turkey brought down the Russian plane after reportedly giving several warnings. The pilot ejected, but apparently did not survive. This part of...
Putin & Ayatollah Khamenei Meet In Tehran: "Share Same View" On Syria
Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to Iran yesterday for talks about the Syrian war with his Iranian counterpart Ayatollah Khamenei.
Ben Carson Joins 9/11 Debate: "I Did See A Video Of Muslims Celebrating"
Ben Carson addresses comments he made in support of Donald Trump's claim about muslims in New Jersey during 9/11.
Maddow: Trump Stands By 9/11 Lie, "Campaign Takes Dark Turn"
Rachel Maddow reports on developments within the Republican race for the 2016 presidential nomination, the most significant of which is front-runner Donald Trump's insistence on a lie about thousands of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11.
"Morning Joe" Panel: Marco Gets Great Headlines, But Cruz Has The Organization
Some stories hidden in the new polls out this weekend: Ted Cruz is up in Iowa about the same amount Ben Carson is down, while Rubio's post-debate gains are fleeting.
Marco Rubio Delves Deep Into His Position On The Syrian War
Sen. Marco Rubio speaks with FNC's Chris Wallace about his position on the war in Syria, explaining where he has differed and where he has agreed with Senator Paul since 2013 when President Obama ignored his own 'red line.' Transcript: SEN. MARCO RUBIO: We need a ground force that defeats...
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